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 » Research Center for Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology, Research and Development Complex, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Daneshgah street, Tabriz, IRAN. Postal Code: 5165665811

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The RCPN graduate program is programmed to train international/national students the basic of the sciences, research and communication skills essential to a distinguished career as an independent Ph.D scientist. A majority of RCPN graduates advance to careers in universities, research & developments, knowledge based companies, research institutions, and a growing number launch successful careers in consulting, science writing and technology transfer.

The RCPN graduate system is designed for students with extensively varied academic and research experience including biology, pharmacy, medicine, chemistry, physics and mathematics. During the first year, students acquire a profound basis in the doctrines of matched research field and exposure to modern thoughtful in a wide range of fields through center meeting, project and lab rotations. Beginning in the second year, students emphasis almost entirely on their researches.

To earn a PhD, RCPN students must success in the special scientific interview which hold on each year in Tabriz University Of Medical Sciences (TUOMS) and then complete the first-year program through passing a qualifying examination. They also should complete the Responsible Conduct in Research course through presentation the center meetings. Finally to success in the program they must defend a thesis of original research.

The minimum requirements for the entrance interview are:

  • At least two authentic international published paper (ISI or Pubmed/Medline)
  • Having an acceptable research and education avarice
  • Having a favorable opinion from one supervisor. To see more about the senior leaders & academic staff please click here.

The RCPN graduate system is committed cost of living (nearly 300 $) per month for RCPN PhD students.